My angel.

Since this nightmare began I’ve tried many things to work through my pain. As you already know, writing is one of them. This is a poem that I wrote about a month after we lost Ry. I debated about sharing it, but I think it still captures how I feel… plus, I haven’t really held much back up to this point so here you go:

Are you an angel in the sky,
adorned with wings of grace?
Barely a comfort as we lie awake,
dreaming of your beautiful face.

I wish we could hold you in our arms,
and trace your perfect skin.
We’d gladly give our world away,
for one more chance to breathe you in.

Our lives just keep on moving,
while our hearts are standing still.
We wonder if the hole you’ve left,
will find a way to fill.

Our love for you will rise each morning,
like the sun that shines so bright.
We’ll carry thoughts of you throughout our days,
and fall asleep to them at night.

We miss you Rylan Michael,
and look forward to the day
when mommy and daddy
to you, will find their way.


3 thoughts on “My angel.”

    1. Thank you for your reply and sorry for the late response. I did search out your blog and read about your daughter. I’m so sorry about what happened to her. Although I haven’t been through the same experience I can relate in various ways. One, losing a child. I believe that saying goodbye to your child, at any age, is the hardest thing a parent can be forced to do. And, there is no comparison as to which is more difficult-losing a baby before you ever got a chance to know them and watch them grow-to miss the memories you never had. Or, to spend years making memories and guiding them only to have to say goodbye too soon. Either way the time is too short. Two, is the difficulty of watching someone you love be in pain. My father-in-law fought cancer for years, the last 3 months being the most difficult. It can be so hard to sit back powerless to help the ones you love the most. All I can say is that you and your family are in my thoughts. And, I thank you for connecting with me.

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